Stillness Manor and Spa, Tokai, Cape Town – Treatment Review

The Spa Life Team was super impressed with Stillness Manor and Spa located in Tokai, Cape Town. To read our full write-up on the spa, click here.  Our review of our pedicures and hot stone back massage, follow below.


We always find it a treat when we are able to lie down and relax on a bed whilst having pedicures and Stillness Manor earns extra points for paying attention to the little details – we had supports under our knees, rolled towels behind our lower backs and electric blankets, not to mention a plethora of soft fluffy blankets to ensure we were warm and comfortable.

Stillness Manor & Spa Treatment Review Pedicure

The pedicures were absolutely fantastic and we especially enjoyed the heated (wet) towels that were use to wash our feet after a thorough exfoliation using a sugar scrub. The foot massage and foot butter used (our therapists weren’t sure what brand it was) were simply heavenly.

The pedicures included all the standard treatments, all of which were expertly performed by our therapists and we were left with perfectly gorgeous feet!

Hot Stone Massage

It is amazing how quickly 45 minutes can go when you are super relaxed and being pampered by a luxurious hot stone massage. The therapist was well-trained and attentive and the treatment again included unexpected but very pleasant little details.

Stillness Manor & Spa Treatment Review The Spa Life

Although this was only a back massage, the therapist took the time to wash our feet, and focus on our hands for an extra little treat. After finishing with the back massage, we were asked to turn over and the therapist then massaged the head, neck and shoulders – truly a blessing.

Our treatments at Stillness Manor were fabulous and we loved them so much, we really did not want to leave!

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