Spalicious Self Heating Scrub Review by The Spa Life

Spalicious Self Heating Sugar Scrub – Product Review

A self-heating sugar scrub?! Do we need to say that again? Because we’ve tried it and yes, it works and yes it totally heats up all by itself!

The Look (Packaging)

An inviting artwork-covered box houses a 350ml plastic container of this clever little product, with a twist off lid.

The Goop

With the consistency of dead sea mud (i.e. thick and nice to squish through your fingers), this creamy, citrus-smelling scrub is unlike your typical sugar or salt scrub. Not only because of its self-heating, which we will get to in a minute, but because it does not feel like you have stuck your hand in the sugar-bowl-mixed-with-some-syrup.  Instead it is thick and creamy, but with a good grit factor – this is no wussy scrub!

On top of all these wonderful attributes, this great little product manages to heat up as you rub it on your skin – in a glorious manner (think warm and soothing, not burning like Deep Heat). The heat sensation does not last too long, but it was long enough for a great, warm full body scrub in the shower. This would be the perfect scrub to use in a salon treatment when you can be left freezing in the treatment room while the cold scrub is being rubbed all over your body.

We also love the scent – fresh and zesty!

The Moola (Cost)

This amazing product retails for somewhere between R450 and about R600. You don’t need very much of it, so it should last quite a long time.

The Verdict

We are super happy with this product –  skin is left feeling soft and cared for! We would definitely buy this product in the future!

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