Renaissance Spa – Top to Toe Package Review

The Spa Life Team thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the Renaissance Spa, at the Michelangelo Towers, Sandton. It is a stunning spa with great facilities. Read our full spa review here.

Couple's treatment room at Renaissance Spa

Couple’s treatment room at Renaissance Spa

We had booked the Renaissance Spa’s Top to Toe package (2 hours), which comprises a 30 minute back, neck and shoulder massage, an express manicure, an express pedicure and an express facial.

The back massage

The massage begins with the therapist rubbing some eucalyptus oil on her hands and instructing you to breathe in and out deeply. This was a first for our team and was a nice touch, although at least one of us spent the first few minutes wondering if we had breathed in something that would make us fall fast asleep…

We were given the option of traditional oil or a soy candle massage for an extra charge of R50. We opted for the candle massage. If you have not had one before, warm candle wax, which contains essential oils, is massaged into your skin. It is quite luxurious and what we especially liked was at the end of the treatment we were given what was left in the little candle pots to take home with us. The candles have different fragrances and it would have been nice if we had been given a choice as to the fragrance, but overall, this was a really divine treatment and we would definitely recommend it.

Simple & and clean treatment room at Renaissance Spa

Simple and clean treatment room at Renaissance Spa

The express manicure

This is really just a file and paint (with some cuticle treatment). A quick and simple way to walk out with beautiful hands, although some hand cream would have been a nice touch.

The express pedicure

The treatment highlights why it is important for The Spa Life to review spas in teams! One of our team had a good experience (a file and paint of toenails, some foot filing and a little cream added at the end – a perfect example of an express pedicure). The other team member had asked the therapist not to paint her toenails – there must have been some miscommunication though as all the therapist then did as the “express pedicure” was the heel file – nothing more! Not even any cream! We would expect that in these circumstances, the therapist would use the time to do a foot rub or something along those lines, so we felt a bit “cheated” with only some filing of heels as an “express pedicure”.

The express facial

This was a Guinot express facial, which does not include any steaming, but pretty much includes everything else you would expect from a facial. As express facials go, The Spa Life team really enjoyed the treatment. Our only issues were that one of the therapists kept walking in and out of the treatment room and there was a significant amount of clanging and banging of objects and basis. It seemed the therapists were trying to tidy up while we were still in the middle of our treatments and they tidied up in a really brisk manner (items were thrown into containers). Not exactly creating a relaxing ambience!

Contact Details

The Renaissance Spa has plenty more treatments available and the Spa Life Team looks forward to trying those out in future! Should you want to visit the spa, click here for their contact details.

Renaissance Spa scored 4 crowns!

Renaissance Spa scored 4 crowns!

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