Spa Etiquette. The do’s and don’ts of a royal experience.

First and foremost, arrive early. At least 15 minutes in early in fact. Most spas require you to complete an information sheet with your details and any medical concerns, then you need time to get changed and find your way to your treatment room. Nothing takes away from relaxation more than a rushed (or worse, late) arrival!

Secondly, turn it off (your cellphone that is). Preferably leave it locked in the lockers provided, but if you are almost surgically attached to your mobile device, at least have the courtesy to turn it onto silent mode. Vibrate does not count. Royalty does not have to prove how important and popular they are – everyone already knows, so don't give away your "pleb" status by having your phone buzzing in your gown pocket every three seconds.

Thirdly, take it off. Most spas will provide you with comfy towelling robes to change into. If you are having a massage, remove your bra (if you are uncomfortable with this, the therapist may need to undo your bra, in order to treat you, and you run the risk of getting oil and products all over your fancy lingerie). You will be covered with towels throughout your treatment, so you need not be concerned about being exposed should you remove all your underwear.

Nature gives you the face you have at twenty, it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.

Coco Chanel

Bring a bikini. Many spas have additional pools, saunas and steam rooms available for your use. Most of these will require that you wear swimwear, as well as shower before and after using them, so pack a bikini or swimsuit of your choice in case you want to make use of these spa facilities. Be guided by the etiquette of the spa concerned, but nudity is generally a no-no in all facilities, although you may get away with wearing just a towel in the steam room or sauna.

Speak up. If you are too hot, or too cold or you are not happy with the pressure of your massage, do not be afraid to speak up and tell your therapist. Therapists are not mind-readers so they will not "just know" that something is not to your personal taste. Similarly, if you would rather your therapist did not speak up (and remained silent), feel free to tell them that you would prefer to continue the treatment in silence. We guarantee, the therapist would rather you enjoy your treatment than make small talk and walk out dissatisfied.

A very useful tip : most spa treatments will not include a gratuity for your therapist. If you enjoyed your treatment, it would be most gracious of you to tip your therapist. This can be done in cash, or simply by adding an amount onto your bill as a gratuity. How much is enough? A minimum of 10% would be nice, 15% would be appreciated and anything above that would be generous.

Silence restores and heals. Spas are sanctuaries of peace. So, remember to use your "inside voice" and be mindful of other individuals using the spa, especially if you are in a group of friends.

Hygiene is crucial. If you have any skin condition or infection, rather phone the spa and reschedule. Therapists cannot take the risk of spreading an infection from person to person and so will not be able to treat you. Given your soon-to-be royal status, we assume that this goes without saying, but being clean is essential – don't come straight to the spa after running a marathon!

There is no need for make-up if you are having a facial. The therapist will remove it all anyway, so rather save your fancy cosmetics for the day after your facial when your skin is glowing and radiant!

Lastly, relax (like royalty!) If there is anything that you are unsure of, simply ask your therapist or the receptionist at the spa. Sit back (or lie back) and enjoy being pampered like a princess!