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Skoon. Hot Cloth Cleanser – Nkuto Butter – Product Review

An afternoon with Skoon.

Have you heard about Skoon. Skincare? Skoon. is pronounced like the Afrikaans word “skoon”, meaning clean, or “skoonheid” meaning beauty, but we keep saying it as if it rhymes with “moon”, because, well we’ve been battling to come up with anything (in English) that rhymes with Skoon. (in Afrikaans). So let us know if you are creative enough to come up with something that rhymes nicely and we will totally steal it and change the title of this post. (We may credit you though). So far, we have “swoon for Skoon.” (which we think we stole from somewhere else, but cannot recall, maybe from Skoon. themselves!), “in tune with Skoon.”, “in a Skoon. cocoon”… you get the idea. Now try it with “Skoon.” Afrikaans style…we’ll wait.

Right, now that we have pronunciation out of the way, let’s talk about these utterly brilliant fairly new South African products on the market. Skoon. combines nature and science with fantastic results. All of their products are Beauty Without Cruelty endorsed (yay!) and almost all of them are vegan too (with a few exceptions, which are vegetarian.

Skoon. has gone to great lengths to authenticate their products and the components of their products, to ensure that they know exactly what they are using and where it comes from. In respect of each product, they can tell you exactly what percentage of it is natural, what percentage is naturally derived and what percentage is organic. This information is freely available on the product packaging.

Skoon. has an ingenious “Make It Yours” system whereby you can interchange different products (moisturizers, serums and drops) to create and customize your skincare to suit your skin perfectly and in the different seasons!

All of the products The Spa Life team has tried so far smell gorgeous and are loaded with essential oils. Some smell good enough to eat! Please don’t though!

And so, we bring you Skoon. Skincare Hot Cloth Cleanser (Nkuto Butter) and you will love us for it!

Skoon Nkuto Butter Hot Cloth Cleanser Review The Spa Life Beauty Blog South Africa

The Look (Packaging)

In keeping with their name, Skoon.’s products all look very clean and neat, with simple, yet elegant and straight-forward packaging. We were provided with sample sizes so our photos really don’t do the packaging justice, have a click over here to see how pretty the Skoon. Nkuto Butter Hot Cloth Cleanser really is!

The Goop (Product)

The Skoon. Hot Cloth Cleanser (Nkuto Butter) is made up with 79% natural ingredients, 1% naturally derived and 20% organic ingredients. It is totally preservative free! It is a blend of organic shea (Nkuto Butter) and pure, cold-pressed African oils. It smells amazing and has a thick, greasy texture with a definite presence of beeswax in the product.

Using it is really quite fun! You need the tiniest little bit of product. Think the size of your nail on your ring finger (unless you have really long talons, then go with the size of the nail on your pinky finger!). You warm the product in your hands (i.e. just rub it around a bit in your palms) and then massage it into dry skin. Then soak a cloth in warm to hot water and use your hot cloth to remove the product. We highly recommend that you use Skoon.’s own muslin cloth as your hot cloth. It is just amazing and we absolutely love it (and we promise it is not because they gave us free ones). Honestly, we cannot believe we have not been using muslin cloths before this! So divine!

The moola (cost)

A 60ml tub of Skoon. Nkuto Butter Hot Cloth Cleanser costs R525 (you can buy it online here) and bearing in mind just how little you need to cleanse your entire face, we think a 60ml tub will last you months! The wondrous Skoon. Muslin Cloths are only R65 for a pack of 3! What a bargain! You can buy them here. Skoon. offers free delivery for orders over R500 in South Africa. (More delivery options here).

The verdict

Buy it. Buy it now. (And no, we are not getting any commission from sales whatsoever, nor have we been paid to write this post). Seriously though, this product is heavenly and our skin just feels luxurious after using it. You really need to only use it at night time, but we may have found ourselves using it some mornings too because it just feels so good on our skin and oh, the Muslin Cloth! Where have you been all our lives? Love love love Skoon.! We have been trying out a few of their products so be sure to follow The Spa Life on social media so you don’t miss out on any new reviews (click on the handy little buttons we spent hours inserting into this website – to your right)!

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