Ratings – how they work

In keeping with our blue-blooded aspirations, we have designed a spa review system based on crowns. We call it the "Princess Factor" – how much of a princess do you feel while being pampered at the spa concerned?

One crown means you are on the level of Rapunzel – you had great expectations, but sadly Rapunzel's hair was not the only thing that was let down.

Two crowns places you in the Snow White factor, your skin is glowing and you are feeling divine but something has left a bitter taste in your mouth.

Three crowns means you are basically Cinderella at two minutes to midnight – tired, without your prince and hobbling on one shoe. In other words, it was spectacular and beautiful and everything you had hoped for, but the glamour was rather short-lived.

Four crowns and you are feeling so fantastic and pampered that you are Beauty and everyone else seems like the Beast!

Five crowns, the award of absolute luxury, places you in the Sleeping Beauty category – ageless and so relaxed you feel like you could sleep for a hundred years!

In our review of spa products, we also take into consideration whether the products are cruelty free (ie they are not tested on animals), whether the products are vegan and also whether they are paraben free. In addition, we will consider whether the spa treatments on offer are considered to be good value for your hard earned Randelas. All of these will be factored into our review process.