Before we knew just how great they smell!

Oh So Heavenly Bubble Balm Review

In case you have been on a social media holiday for the past few weeks, you may have missed just about everyone raving about Clicks / Oh So Heavenly Love Your Lips Bubble Balms! Not to be ones to miss out on a new product, party, event (really, we have serious FOMO) The Spa Life team decided to do some not-so-undercover research of our own.

And so, we purchased two OSH balms – Chocolate Caress and Vanilla Cupcake.

Oh So Heavenly Lip Balm

Before we knew how great they smell!

The Look (packaging)

At first brush, you’d be mistaken for thinking we’ve just purchased two EOS lipbalms, famous for their bubble / dome shape. We’re not going to say the OSH ones are a knock-off, we’re just saying they look rather similar in shape and design…

That comment aside, we totally love the bubble shape – it is quirky and cute and fits in the palm of your hand. We love that you don’t need to stick your fingers into the product and then apply it to your lips!

Ready for the eating (um, using, ready for use that is).

Ready for the eating (um, using, ready for use that is).

The Goop (product)

We are IN LOVE with the Vanilla Cupcake balm – it smells like your grandmother’s shortbread freshly baked and waiting in the oven tray to cool down. So delish! It’s packed with butter cream and vanilla cupcake flavours and oh my… Yum. Simply yum!

The Chocolate Caress is said to be “chock-full of mouth-watering praline” and to be fair, it is just too sweet-smelling for our liking, but if super sweet chocolate and praline is your thing, then this little bubble balm may just have you licking your lips!

Chocolate-Praline deliciousness

Chocolate-Praline deliciousness

Both balms are really soft and moisturizing and you probably don’t need to apply them very often, but because they smell so good, you may just find that reason enough!

And to top it all off, they are Beauty Without Cruelty endorsed! Yay!

The moola (cost)

Ah bless all those wonderful people at OSH, these little bubbles of pure happiness are available from your nearest Clicks for a ridiculously affordable R22.95 – WAY cheaper than EOS (and far more easily accessible in SA) – not that we’re comparing or anything because they are obviously totally different products… obviously… 😉

The verdict

We cannot wait to try the pink one (which is strawberry something) and we are already stocking up on the lilac (Vanilla Cupcake) because it is just too delicious. Can’t say we’ll be buying the chocolate one again, but that probably just comes down to personal taste – try it, you may love it!

All in all these are super moisturizing new additions to your handbag, car, bedside table, kitchen – wherever you keep your stash of lip balms! Find yours at your nearests Clicks store!

A handful of happiness!

A handful of happiness!

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