Matsimela Marula Nut Hand Cream Review

Matsimela Marula Nut Hand Cream – Product Review

There is something about this fragrance that instantly makes us feel like we are on a bush holiday (in a good way)! Perhaps it goes back to when we first tried Matsimela’s products, but whatever the reason, we like it. A lot.

The Look (Packaging)

Simple, no-fuss and neat, would be how we describe the Matsimela packaging. The name itself comes from the Sotho word for “root” which we think is just perfect! Linking us back to our roots, connecting us with Mother Nature and allowing the wonders of Africa to enthrall our senses.

But, before we get too carried away, we are in fact just reviewing a hand cream, but what a lovely one it is!

The Goop (Product)

Matsimela has a number of enticing ranges including Litchi and Rose and Ginger and Lime. We tried the Marula Nut hand cream. Firstly, we confess that we do not know what Marula actually smells like. When we think “Marula”, we naturally think of the alcoholic drink “Amarula” (something we blame on their great advertising whilst denying any alcoholic tendencies on our side)…

So whether it actually smells like Marula Nut, we cannot tell you, but what we can tell you is that is smells divine and we want to just keep putting it on!

The cream is thick and nourishing without leaving a greasy residue. It feels great on your skin and sinks in nice and deep, so your hands feel moisturized and soft and you don’t need to keep applying it every few minutes, but trust us, you may just want to!

The Moola (Cost)

The prices may vary from salon to spa, but for the rather large (by hand cream standards) 100ml tube, you will probably pay close to R95, but you can buy Matsimela products directly and online! Yay! On the Matsimela online shop, you can pick up a 100ml tube for R85 (click here).

The Verdict

We absolutely adore this hand cream and one of the team members has already nicked if for herself. Fights may ensue. Nevertheless, this is a great locallymade product and we look forward to trying out more of the products and ranges that Matsimela has to over. Pop on over to their website and have a look for yourself! Let us know which one if your favourite!

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