Kai Thai Spa Bryanston – Spa Review

The Kai Thai spas (and restaurants!) are found all around South Africa, but mostly in Johannesburg where there seems to be one within every suburb. The Spa Life team, having visited some of the Kai Thai spas before, decided to book treatments at Kai Thai Spa Bryanston (for details click here) in order to provide a proper review.

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Kai Thai Spa Bryanston is located within the Grosvenor Crossing mall on William Nichol. At the outset we should say that it is not the most glamorous setting and certainly not the place to visit if you want a fabulous view and somewhere you can lounge in your comfy gown and slippers.

The Welcome

If you have ever been to a Kai Thai before, you will know that they employ a number of therapists from Thailand itself, which means that more often than not, your therapist’s grasp of the English language can lead to some interesting conversations…

Be that as it may, we were welcomed in a friendly manner and introduced to our therapists and had our treatments confirmed. The Spa Life team members had booked a 60 minute full body sports massage and a 60 minute back and neck massage, respectively.

Kai Thai Spa ReviewThe Spa

Think more salon than spa, and rather dimly lit (see how dark our photos are!). Dark reds and oranges, and littered with Thai ornaments while oriental music plays in the background, you could easily forget you are in Bryanston. Unless of course if you need to use the toilet, because this Kai Thai Spa does not have its own, so you will need to leave the spa and make use of the centre’s public restroom. Not great.

The treatment areas are separated by curtains, all in one large room, so you can hear exactly what is going on with your fellow spa-goers next to you, although you cannot see anything and you can feel quite comfortable when stripping down for your treatment.

The Treatments

The massages were amazing! We walked out very sore but super relaxed! The majority of hour-long treatments at Kai Thai cost R350, which in our opinion is an absolute win. The therapists are well-trained and experienced and braved even the toughest of knots in our backs! Be warned though – if you say an area is tender or sore, that results in your therapist working it even harder! Truly great massages though!

Kai Thai Spa Review

The Princess Factor

Now that you understand how cheap the treatments are, we are going to say simply that you “get what you paid for”. There is no real glamour or luxury going on, just great treatments. So, if you need a quick de-stress but don’t want to spend the day lounging at a spa pool or rejuvenating in a steam room, then this Kai Thai Spa is perfect.

We have been debating the Princess Factor for this spa. It is simple and basic and the spa itself does not leave one feeling like a princess, but the treatments were fantastic. The prices are commensurate with the spa and we left feeling relaxed and refreshed. The crown rating would be somewhere be 2 and 3 crowns – perhaps 2 and a half crowns!

The verdict

It’s not fancy but the treatments are fantastic. Would we revisit? Absolutely, but only when we are looking for a good massage and none of the usual “spa add-ons”.  Find a Kai Thai spa near you!

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