Cocoon Boutique Spa at Radisson Blu – Spa Review

The Spa Life is always on the look out for new spas to visit and so we reviewed the Cocoon Boutique Spa at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Sandton.

Cocoon Boutique Spa Radisson Blu Sandton Review


If you know the hotel, you would be correct in expecting quite an upmarket spa experience, but sadly premises seem to be the only thing shared between the hotel and the spa.

The Spa Life would like to note upfront that the treatments we experienced were really great, the therapists are well-trained and the massages were relaxing and enjoyable. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the spa as a whole.

Firstly, although it is located at the Radisson, it is completely separate from the hotel and the spa feels far more like a nail bar or salon.

The welcome

There was not really any welcome, not one of the therapists introduced themselves and we were only offered something to drink at the end of the treatments. On the day we visited, there were two therapists and they seem to act as everything from receptionist to tea ladies. Given the size of the spa, this is perhaps understandable but the front of house could definitely be improved.

The spa has a little lounge where you can sit while filling in your information form and at the end of the treatment, you return here and are asked to fill in an evaluation of the treatment.


The décor is very confusing – bold red and black colour scheme (not exactly calming colours) with a love of all things Marilyn Monroe meets Hawaiian (there is even some fake grass in the main treatment area). The décor does not create a relaxing environment and the spa really needs to pick a theme and stick with it.

The individual treatment rooms were small but adequate, although the table containing products looked amateurish in the circumstances.

The negatives

Some serious negatives about this spa –

  • no music playing in the treatment rooms;
  • does not have its own toilet (you have to leave the spa to use the central toilet);
  • although styled as a “boutique spa”, it is really a small salon and not very luxurious at all.

 The treatments

The treatments were super – we had a full body massage and head massage, but Cocoon Spa has priced itself into a very high-end market and although the treatments were good, the ambience and spa facilities (there are not any!) do not justify the cost in our opinion.

The princess factor – only one crown

Although we enjoyed the treatments, the general “wow” factor is severely lacking at this spa and sadly, it receives an award of only one crown. That one crown is only awarded because we really enjoyed the massages!

Only 1 crown and ONLY because we enjoyed our treatments!

Only 1 crown and ONLY because we enjoyed our treatments!

Would we revisit?

Probably not, not unless there was a fantastic special offer on the go or we were really desperate for a great massage somewhere close to the Sandton CBD, but even then, it may not be our first choice.

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