Labello Lip Butter Review by The Spa Life

Labello Lip Butter – Product Review

I have a thing about lip balms. There needs to be one within reach at all times. For example, there is one in my desk drawer, one on either side of my bed, one in the kitchen, two in the car…and several more in my handbag (excluding those in my laptop bag). Some people might […]

Benefit Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer Review

Benefit Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer – Product Review

I didn’t like this product, when I first tried it that is. It felt like I was trying to rub a glue stick on my face, and so this wonder of a primer was relegated to a back drawer in my extensive beauty cabinet. And then one day I had a discussion with a Benefit consultant […]

Beauty Blog Nail Polish Review

Essence The Gel Nail Polish – Product Review

Right at the start, it may be necessary to confess that I have a nail polish addiction (on top of already having a make-up obsession. I paint my nails far too often, largely because I get bored with colours easily. Gel on my fingernails never seems to last long either, but I adore the gel […]

Rain Biologie Product Review The Spa Life

Let it Rain – Rain Biologie Product Review

Today The Spa Life reviews not one but two products from Rain, both in their Biologie Range – Rain Biologie Baobab & Rooibos Body Butter and Rain Biologie Rooibos Hydrating Hand Lotion, both of which we were lucky enough to receive recently. Rain? If you have never set foot inside a Rain store, you need […]

Benefit Posie Tint Product Review

Benefit Posie Tint – Product Review

Benefit Posie Tint (or one of its sister products, Bene Tint, Cha Cha Tint or Lolli Tint) is a definite make-up bag staple! We love it as a natural blush, lip and cheek stain. The Look (Packaging) You will be forgiven for thinking that Posie Tint is a nail polish and not a product to be […]

L'Occitane Ultra Rich Face Cream Review

L’Occitane Ultra Rich Face Cream (Product Review)

My dry Joburg skin As a Capetonian now living in Johannesburg, my soft coastal skin suffers terribly in the dry Joburg winters. Almost every product (even those that I can use happily in the Summer months) burns my skin and even with regular exfoliating, my cheeks can develop a hard thick layer of skin (gross, I […]