Benefit Posie Tint Product Review

Benefit Posie Tint – Product Review

Benefit Posie Tint (or one of its sister products, Bene Tint, Cha Cha Tint or Lolli Tint) is a definite make-up bag staple! We love it as a natural blush, lip and cheek stain.

The Look (Packaging)

You will be forgiven for thinking that Posie Tint is a nail polish and not a product to be used on your face! The bottle has a beautiful design on the body, with a plastic lid and “nail polish” brush!

The Goop (Product)

A tinted bright pink liquid, that looks more outrageous in the bottle than on your skin! A little goes a very long way. Even using it every day, my current bottle has lasted over a year already and it still isn’t finished, but I have already stocked up on a new bottle!

All you need is 3 dots on each cheek! Blend them in quickly though, because this product stains and stains quickly. A quick sweep of the brush over your lips will give you a natural pink lip, but the product can leave your lips a bit dry. You can either use a neutral lip balm over the lip stain or get Benefit’s matching Posie Balm (review coming soon).

The Moola (Cost)

You can buy your own Posie Tint for R385 from Edgars or Red Square online.

The Verdict

If I had to limit myself to two products in a beauty bag (oh, the horror!), this would be one of them. It will last you a long time and doubles as a blush and lip colour – what a bonus!

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