We just cannot get enough of this great product and its gorgeous container!

Benefit Posie Balm – Get your balm on!

If you’ve been following The Spa Life, you already know that we are huge fans of Benefit’s Posie Tint (read our write-up here). One of the concerns we have had using Posie Tint over the years is that although it has great colour, it is really just a tint (and we mean that with the most respect to our beloved Posie Tint, because in fairness it is SO much more than JUST a tint, but you get where we are going here) – there is very little in the way of moisturizer going on. So, in the past, before we discovered Posie Balm, we would use a regular lip balm over Posie Tint on our lips.

And then, we met Posie Balm…

The Look (Packaging)

Oh my goodness, Posie Balm has the most gorgeous packaging! We feel like glam divas every time we pull it out of our purses (and some members of the team have been known to take it into lengthy board meetings… because, why not! Beautiful lips that feel great are important).

The Goop (Product)

The colour is a dead-ringer for Posie Tint so you get an added colour intensity (even though it is the most sunning gentle pink colour!). Posie Balm is soft and super moisturizing. The only concern we have is given how often we use it, it may not last very long, but in actual fact it is still going strong after quite a few weeks of very regular use!

The other great thing is that the balm is not only available in Posie Tint, so if you prefer Bene Tint, ChaCha Tint or Lolli Tint, the magicians at Benefit have created the perfect matching balm for your favourite tint (BeneBalm*, ChaChaBalm and LolliBalm)! Can we have a tripe yay? Yay yay yay! *We could not find BeneBalm on Red Square online, but we know it exists! Perhaps you just need to buy it in store!

The Moola (Cost)

While writing this post, we popped over to Red Square online to double check the price and it is only R225. Given how much we already love this product and the fact that is has already lasted much longer than we had expected, we are quite relieved that it is available at R225! You can get yours here!

The verdict 

We feel the need to add that notwithstanding our shameless punting of this product, we have in no way been paid or sponsored by either Benefit or Red Square (or anyone else for that matter!). We just totally love Benefit PosieBalm (and love it’s FABULOUS little container even more). Anyone have any creative uses for old lipstick containers because this one is too beautiful to not keep and must be reused in some way!

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