Book a Babor facial – your skin will thank you!

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The Spa Life was treated to an amazing facial by Babor in Johannesburg.

If you need to restore your dry, dehydrated Winter skin, take our word for it and go and book yourself a Babor facial! Babor treatments are available at a number of spas and salons throughout the country (click here to find one nearest you).

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Babor is a German-born skincare brand, which has over 55 years’ experience focusing on luxury, innovation and results. Babor’s research and innovation is a pillar of the brand and they use all natural plant extracts to ensure highly effective results from anti-aging to age prevention. Babor renounced animal testing when the company was originally founded way back in 1956, so their products are cruelty free and bunny-friendly and we love them all the more for it!

The Facial

Babor has an extensive range of products, so it will be left to your therapist to determine, after consulting you, which facial (and which Babor products) would be best suited to your skin type – read on to find out about our luxurious treatments!


We absolutely love this cleansing oil!

We absolutely love this cleansing oil!

Our facial began with a revitalizing oil cleanser, HY-OL, which is one of Babor’s most popular products and we totally understand why! A soft, gentle yet thorough cleanse, this product feels amazing on your skin and leaves skin silky and divine! The HY-OL was combined with Phytoactive Base (of which there are in fact 4 different kinds) to complete the cleansing process.

Revitalising Mask

The second stage of the facial is a revitalizing mask which contains nettle and results in a slightly tingly sensation. The mask is used to assess your skin and in particular the blood circulation and identify any problem areas. The mask is applied and then removed very quickly thereafter and the tingling is very mild, so unless you are allergic to nettle, don’t worry too much about an adverse reaction to this product.


After the revitalizing mask had been removed, the therapist applied Babor Mild Peeling. You would be forgiven for thinking this is a facial peel – fear not, it is simply a facial scrub / grit exfoliator, but in true Babor style, the peach kernels contained in this product are perfectly rounded to ensure that they are non-abrasive to the skin’s texture whilst still providing an excellent exfoliation and leaving skin feeling soft and refreshed (and definitely not peeling!).


Babor has developed a range of “Fluids” which will make you feel like you have happened up the fountain of youth in a tiny little ampule. The fluids are available in boxes of 7. The fluids are highly-concentrated single dose wonder products that make for instant visible results, and also feel great! We experienced the Hydra Plus Active  Fluid and this felt like a burst of fresh spring water that was quickly absorbed by our dehydrated skin! There are quite a number of Fluids so your therapist will be best placed to advise on which Fluid is most appropriate for your particular skin concern. The Fluids are available in South Africa for between R380 and R800 per box – for more information or to see the full Fluids range, click here.

The elixir of life! A collection of Barbor Fluids - find your favourite!

The elixir of life! A collection of Barbor Fluids – find your favourite!


One of the most relaxing parts about having a facial has to be the massage. Our therapist massaged in the Advanced Biogen Selection Cream which is an exclusive 24 hour intensive nourishment for your skin. This cream is thick and hydrating without being greasy.


A relaxing facial massage is followed by another mask. This time, we experienced the Vitabalance Intense Moisturising Mask (which is only available as part of your spa treatment and sadly, not available for retail purchase). This mask has a lovely fresh citrus fragrance which awakens the senses whilst restoring your skin.

Further Nourishment

After the mask was removed, the Advanced Biogen Selection Cream was applied for a second time, together with the Skinovage Anti-Wrinkle Cream, which is said to intensely firm and smooth the eye area.

The verdict

We were delighted to be able to experience Babor products first hand in the most luxurious and revitalizing manner. We were truly impressed with the quality of the products, and the professionalism of our therapist, who was incredibly knowledgeable about the Babor products and ranges.

Babor facials typically will not involve steam. Instead the products are applied and then removed using a combination of hot and cold cloths to boost circulation. It might sound unusual, but trust us on this one, the hot and cold combination is refreshing and stimulating and you certainly won’t miss steam at all!

We left with soft, supply and youthful-looking (and feeling!) skin and cannot wait to try out some more of Babor’s products! We’ve included links to all the products in the text should you wish to try them for yourself. Babor has an online shop and offers free delivery on orders over R1000 (as well as a free gift with every order!). The prices range from between R300 to R1000 for most products, with certain of the creams (as well as the Sea Creation range) hitting some significantly higher numbers, however as far as The Spa Life is concerned, we have no objection to paying for great quality and in this area (and in most areas, in fact) Babor certainly delivers!

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